Saturday, September 10, 2011

St.George trip to see The little Mermaid

 Izzy begged and pleaded to see The Little Mermaid every time she saw the billboard on the freeway. Which happens to be right by Nanny's new house, my mom is a sucker and couldn't tell her no, so a week before kindergarten started we went down to St. George. It was an amazing girls trip, it was so nice to get away from everything going on.Thank you Nanny/Mom this was a trip we will never forget and we love you.
 Swimming at the hotel.
 My little model, she loves the camera.

 Izzy looked just like a princess and other then the heat the show was unbelievable.

I think the ride out of the hotel was just as exciting as the show.

Izzy was born in St. George so we took her to the Temple because she loves them and showed her the hospital across the street. It was so beautiful.

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