Saturday, September 10, 2011

Izzy and Gigi's "grown up girl" bedroom

One day Izzy sat me down and told me that she was grown up now and needed a grown up girl bedroom. I asked her why she thought she was grown up and she told me it was because she was starting kindergarten. Wow can't wait to see how old she is when she starts 1st grade.
This is the result, I wish i had a before picture. She is really into charcoal and pink. pretty much all her school clothes are those colors, so I'm not surprised this is what she wanted for her bedroom. I painted the tree on her wall because she wanted a "girly tree" with a flower, butterfly, caterpillar and a sun. She is so creative, plus I got to be creative too.

Last week we where just playing in their room and Bry walked in with 2 dozen roses and a ring pop (that is what Gigi is licking on my finger) He proposed again to me and then proposed to the girls asking them to be his little girls forever. He is so amazing and so romantic Izzy was ohhing and awwing and she just knows her dad is prince charming.

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