Thursday, March 18, 2010

In Memory of Poppy

My dad had a photography business, named Willow Walk Photography,that he had started about 1 1/2 years ago, and last summer he just showed up at my house with an amazing gift. He gave me my own camera so we could have a hobby to do together, and have something that I could fall back on if I ever needed something. So for his birthday this year I took these pictures of his granddaughters, unfortunately he never got to see them. I had planned to give them to him at his birthday lunch. Cody and I took him out for sushi every year. He passed away the day before. So in memory of my Dad and my girls Poppy. Dad here you go.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

so so so so sad

I never thought I could ever be so sad. At my Dad's funeral Elder F. Howard Burton talked about how you never know just how deep your love is for someone until they are gone, wow, I can tell you this is true. I always knew I loved my Daddy but I never realized how deep it went and how much I relied on him. He really was my go to guy (after Bryan of course) Last night Bryan and I bought more eqipment for our camera and about every 5 min or so either one of us would say " i just wish we could ask Dad he would know the best one" I know it is something so simple yet it stings so bad.

Izzy saw a picture of him last night and just started to cry, so I told her if you pray for strength then you will always feel better. So she started her prayer and then just pleaded for Poppy to come home. She just keept saying Please Please bring him back. It was so pure and heartfelt. I know she is hurting but I didn't realize how much until then. She is old enough to know but not old enough to understand. I don't think seeing me cry all the time helps any.

I know time heals but time is our enemy right now. It seems like so long until we will get to see him again. I really miss his smile and his calming presense. He really was the rock of our family and now I feel like we could crumble. I know we won't but he can never be replaced and is so needed. He really was our Superhero.