Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Scruffy

Call us crazy but our dog Scruffy was our first baby and such a major part of our family so this year we gave him a huge brithday party, even invited the neighnors. I made him his own special doggy cupcake he loved it.  crazy thing is, I really believe he understood what was going on, he even opened his own presents.

 Bryan decided to be a little kid and sit on a foot stool rather then get a chair from the basement, the girls loved it.

 We love Scruffy, he really is the girls best friend.
 Bryan started a game with the girls where they sit on his shoulder and pretend they are princesses and wave to everyone. He walks around the room and stops in front of the mirror and everyone has to wave back. I have 2 future beauty queens, they have the wave down perfect.

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