Saturday, September 10, 2011

Izzy and Gigi's "grown up girl" bedroom

One day Izzy sat me down and told me that she was grown up now and needed a grown up girl bedroom. I asked her why she thought she was grown up and she told me it was because she was starting kindergarten. Wow can't wait to see how old she is when she starts 1st grade.
This is the result, I wish i had a before picture. She is really into charcoal and pink. pretty much all her school clothes are those colors, so I'm not surprised this is what she wanted for her bedroom. I painted the tree on her wall because she wanted a "girly tree" with a flower, butterfly, caterpillar and a sun. She is so creative, plus I got to be creative too.

Last week we where just playing in their room and Bry walked in with 2 dozen roses and a ring pop (that is what Gigi is licking on my finger) He proposed again to me and then proposed to the girls asking them to be his little girls forever. He is so amazing and so romantic Izzy was ohhing and awwing and she just knows her dad is prince charming.

Bubbles and Rides.

We had a big day today, Izzy learned how to blow a bubble for the first time. She was so excited. We also went Mini Golfing. It really is one of our favorite things to do as a family.

 I kept calling Gigi my little gnome and she got so mad and said "no, Gigi" over and over. We are not allowed to call her anything else. Which is hard because we are a big nickname family.

This is Bry after about 4 holes, the girls are just crazy he chased balls all night

Gigi before the ride, all smiles...

Gigi after... hard to tell but all screams.

Izzy is our dare devil, she is Bry's little rollar coaster buddy, Gigi and I just watch.

Hot dogs and S'mores

I can't believe we only made it up the canyon one time for S'mores this summer. It was so much fun hopefully we can do it a couple more times before the end of the good weather. We went with our neighbors and had a great time.

Happy Birthday Scruffy

Call us crazy but our dog Scruffy was our first baby and such a major part of our family so this year we gave him a huge brithday party, even invited the neighnors. I made him his own special doggy cupcake he loved it.  crazy thing is, I really believe he understood what was going on, he even opened his own presents.

 Bryan decided to be a little kid and sit on a foot stool rather then get a chair from the basement, the girls loved it.

 We love Scruffy, he really is the girls best friend.
 Bryan started a game with the girls where they sit on his shoulder and pretend they are princesses and wave to everyone. He walks around the room and stops in front of the mirror and everyone has to wave back. I have 2 future beauty queens, they have the wave down perfect.

St.George trip to see The little Mermaid

 Izzy begged and pleaded to see The Little Mermaid every time she saw the billboard on the freeway. Which happens to be right by Nanny's new house, my mom is a sucker and couldn't tell her no, so a week before kindergarten started we went down to St. George. It was an amazing girls trip, it was so nice to get away from everything going on.Thank you Nanny/Mom this was a trip we will never forget and we love you.
 Swimming at the hotel.
 My little model, she loves the camera.

 Izzy looked just like a princess and other then the heat the show was unbelievable.

I think the ride out of the hotel was just as exciting as the show.

Izzy was born in St. George so we took her to the Temple because she loves them and showed her the hospital across the street. It was so beautiful.

Izzy Kindergarten

 I can't believe that my little baby is 5 and in kindergarten. She is growing up so fast, and learning so fast. Everyday she surprises us with something new. I am so proud of her.

 Gigi had to wear her backpack to school to drop big sister off.

Mommy, Nanny, Gigi and Daddy came to pick her up and she was all smiles and so excited to be such a big girl. She couldn't stop talking about all of her new friends and her teacher. She is such an amazing little girl and I am so lucky to be her Mommy.